Share your Godot games in seconds

Instant game hosting right from your editor.

Godot plugin for seamless upload

Export an HTML5 build, hit Deploy, and you’ll get a link that works on desktop or mobile.

Download from the Godot Asset Library

Playbyte Mirror

Make it easy for friends to:
- return to your game
- get notifications when new builds are deployed
- share logs to help you fix bugs

Coming Soon:

Manage and play multiple versions of a game from the Playbyte Mirror app.

Share native Android builds with friends with the same seamless flow as web exports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why not simply run a local REST API to host/serve the game?

You can absolutely do that if you're justing testing a game yourself. Playbyte Mirror is just as fast for individual use, and makes it easy to share links with friends and collaborators so they can hop in to try changes too. And the mobile app lets you send them notifications for new builds.


Where is this uploading to and what am I uploading?

We are using Cloudflare for data hosting. Right now the Godot extension is very naive and uploads every file in the game export directory that matches the name of the export.


How long will it persist? Can users remove builds?

We haven’t made a decision about how long hosted games will remain available by default, so assume it will get deleted eventually. If you have strong opinions about whether it is more valuable to have short term links to test your game or if you want a place to distribute your game long-term (like Itch) then we’d love to hear it — let us know in the Discord!

Users cannot remove builds today but that is planned for the immediate future.


Does anyone have access or do you generate access tokens?

When you first deploy a game, the Godot extension creates a new playbyte project which returns a public ID and a private access token. We store this in a .playbyte.json file in the root of your game project. Uploads to that project require the private access token. We have plans to allow more standard authentication methods.


Isn’t this costly to host other people’s builds? What do you get out of offering it for free?

Storage is very cheap but eventually we hope to provide enough value that people would like to pay for added services. Right now we are just trying to figure out if this is a valuable service for game developers. If it is, we'll support more game engines and charge for premium services on top of the basic hosting we have now.